Hello Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Monitor patients 24/7 for their vital signs and conditions and make sure to instantly act when needed. Our advanced artificial intelligence algorithm alerts nurses, physicians, and patients’ loved ones when attention is required. Setup the devices in minutes using our Care AR Assist Remote Visual AR Support.

Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual HealthCare on Demand Solutions

Live call with a doctor or set up an appointment, measure vital signs at home or during the call, prevent falls of your loved ones, and get alerts when there are health issues, 24/7, anytime, anywhere.

Hospital and Long-term Acute Care

  • Real-time patient room monitoring from the central nursing station or remote location
  • Preventative care for high-risk patients
  • Turning hospital room TV into a real-time communication and entertainment device

Telehealth-on-Demand and Homecare

  • Scheduled and ad-hoc virtual provider visits through Hello, Web and Mobile
  • Proactive self-care through active vital sign monitoring and activities of daily living
  • Remote patient monitoring for elderly and patients with chronic conditions with caregiver and family alert notifications

CareARTM Assist enables patients to set up the hardware remotely, without the need for a field worker to be present at the patient’s home. The ability of CareAR to visualize and create illustrations of the setup process will make the deployment more effective, faster, and at a much lower cost.

Solaborate is a communication platform company specialized in telehealth hardware and software platform for patient care in hospitals, homes, and other healthcare facilities. Solaborate believes that reinventing and simplifying communication tools and services and combining them with artificial intelligence based on data insights and alerts for medical professionals and caregivers, represents our greatest opportunity to improve people’s lives.

HELLO devices have large processing capacities that come with 4K cameras and an array of 4 microphones for excellent image and audio communication between nurses and patients with a range of wearable technologies to measure and track patient vitals and high-fidelity motion cameras for fall prevention and detection.