CareAR Instruct Examples

CareAR Instructional Experience as a Service (IEaaS)

Quickly advance your service management experience using CareAR Instructional Experience as a Service, 2D, 3D and augmented reality creation services for CareAR® Instruct within a cost-effective service subscription model.

CareAR Instruct Examples

2D, 3D and Augmented Reality Content Creation Services

Visual content creation for self-solve and self-learning can be challenging. Skilled resources are frequently hard to find or require investment and training.

CareAR Instructional Experience as a Service (IEaaS) overcomes these challenges with 2D, 3D and augmented reality creation services for CareAR® Instruct within a cost-effective service subscription model.

Engage users with visually effective self-guidance

Accelerate deployment and adoption of spatial technologies

Boost efficiency with experienced best practice design resources

CareAR Instruct Mobile Telecom

Customer Support Self-Service

Customer Self-Solve CareAR Telecom
  • Augment and extend CSM workflows
  • Empower customers to self-solve
  • Improve customers SAT

Field Service Self-Service

  • Augment and extend FSM workflows
  • Ensure work procedure compliance
  • Reduce and/or avoid additional truck rolls

Common Content Modules

Instructional Experience as a Service Benefits

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Fast Start

  • Rapid deployment via visual technology services
  • Optimized visual interface design
  • Accelerate pilot to production
icon 3D cube

3D Interactive Content

  • 3D Digital Twin creation
  • AR and computer vision state detection
  • CAD input/ LIDAR Scanning
icon best practices

Best Practices Customization

  • Instruct self-guidance journey blueprint
  • Persona-based user experience mapping
  • HotSpot, text, animation, and visual guidance
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Streamline Integration

  • Curate 2D content and video in Instruct experiences
  • Natural language search and indexing
  • Workflow content integration with existing systems
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Cost Effective

  • Fully outsourced content creation
  • Enhance capabilities without staff investment
  • Subscription based service

IEaaS Engagement Framework


CareAR’s Visual Application Lifecycle framework empowers organizations with best practice confidence for deploying visual technologies at scale.

CareAR’s Lifecycle framework cost effectively accelerates digital transformation with visual content as a service authoring, curation of existing content, SaaS deployment of CareAR Instruct experiences, and persistent improvement

  • Curate

  • Create

  • Catalog

  • Consume

  • Continuum

Why CareAR IEaaS

CareAR® Experience Builder in a browser

Enterprise Visual Content Innovative

Interactive 3D modeling, and augmented reality content creation delivered as services or with CareAR® Experience Builder self-authoring speeds visual engagement delivery with best practices user interface design. Unique to CareAR, MagicLens interactive 3D content creation, state detection and natural language search enable differentiated visual engagement experiences.
CareAR® Experience Builder in a browser
Building Inspection with CareAR Instruct

Scalable Deployment and Content Creation

CAD input, LIDAR scan service, and curated CareAR® Assist sessions launched as new self-solve CareAR® Instruct content modules optimize visual use case creation and deployment at scale. IEaaS engagement consulting identifies content opportunities, creates, and implements 2D & 3D visual content within a continuous improvement customer success supported operational model.
Healthcare equipment product tour CareAR Instruct

Cost Effective Visual Agility

Visual engagement content and self-service experience creation extends internal resources with established best-practice outsourced resources. Packaged visual content design deliverables and subscription pricing enable cost-effective visual content creation, deployment, and ongoing visual content application design across a wide range of 2D and 3D use cases.
Healthcare equipment product tour CareAR Instruct
Logistics training with CareAR Instruct

Transformational Efficiency and Effectiveness

CareAR IEaaS drives new levels of cost savings and self-learning effectiveness by accelerating deployment of visual technologies. Innovative technology, best practices expertise within a strategic engagement model rapidly drives enterprise visible bottom-line results by digitally transforming 2D and paper-based processes.