Free CareAR Proof of Value Trial

Enterprise Augmented Reality Visual Support

CareAR lets service teams anywhere provide real-time, visual AR assistance and guidance to customers, field workers, and employees. Remote agents and experts virtually see physical environments and provide guidance using AR annotations, speeding resolutions and cutting costs.

About the Trial

  • Enterprise ready – share CareAR with colleagues
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Win and macOS) compatible
  • Standalone or integrated with ServiceNow

Submit this form and one of our CareAR experts will set up a brief demo call to go over your exact use case before spinning up a fully functional subscription.

Note: If you’re simply looking for the CareAR Assist smartphone or desktop app to join a session or log into an existing account, there is no need to signup for this trial. You can download the app here.

This trial is for those companies looking to provide their own hosted AR service to their customers and/or employees.